Freaksdorf #26

I’m performing tonight at Freaksdorf :

February Freaksdorf farts four fantabulous fuckers for fancy festivities. First: foolish flora fidgeter. Following: ferocious frequency fractalist. Fenultimate: fine feelgood fallacies. Finally: furtive french filibuster. Fight fomo, frequent Freaksdorf.

~Body Fool — organic synthesis
Working on the edge of music, experiment and politics, Body Fool explores the authorship of sound in a collaborative piece by human, plant and machine. Results a surprising generative process turning organic signals into synthetic music.

~Acrartep — immersive journey
Boldly navigating between electronic sounds and world music, Arcartep intertwines both universes into a regenerative flow of rare beauty, progressively developing and unfolding new landscapes until either destination or doom is met.

~ Telepathic Being — tangible music
Under the moniker Telepathic Being, sound artist Cobi Van Tonder arranges micro- and macrotonalities in time and space, creating eerie tracks oscillating between abstract layers of sound and precisely structured textures. The result is a noise plasma pop with hints of a journey, open for interpretation.

~Musketeer — sonic oddity
Unable to aim sharp, oblivious to posture and stature, Musketeer drives astray on a path laid with resonators and disturbators, cutting an utterly degenerative performance where organic sounds slowly rearrange into rhythmic textures until they decay once more—a game of match and mash that none can win.

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