REPLICA The Magic Thing // Objects of Desire

The Magic Thing // Objects of Desire is a new workshop series devised by REPLICA, with as a goal to foster one-to-one collaborations between performers and technologists (creative coders, interaction designers, makers and tinkerers), and to co-devise both future work sessions and an augmented performance.

This series aims to expand perception and emotion through the technological augmentation of the body and mind—extending, bending and distorting senses—and the creation of emotional spaces polarized around physical and virtual objects.

The workshop will be moderated by REPLICA members: performers, scientists and designers who will guide the participants throughout the collaborative process.



REPLICA is an experimental platform where expressive movement rooted in dance & theatre meets augmented embodiment and creative technologies. Together with performers, scientists and technologist we engage in a playful exploration of possibilities: in what ways can technology enhance our bodies by challenging, training and expanding our expressive, perceptive and creative capabilities? In what ways does it enhance our culture? Together, we imagine and rehearse future rituals, devise new interaction models between humans and machines, and prototype tools, performances and future folklores.

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